The application of ultra-fine gauge, sterile, single-use needles just under the skin is the most common procedure in acupuncture. Stimulation of certain acupoints can also be obtained by heat, scraping, cupping or rubbing. The earliest use of acupuncture needles dates back to around 1000 BCE. It is one of the oldest and most well developed forms of healing in the world.


For more than 2000 years, acupuncture has been used to treat practically every system in the body including the mental and emotional aspects. The mechanism of action, simply put, is a chemical, lymphatic, hormonal and circulatory response which creates a chain reaction in the body. This in turn affects many areas including the central nervous system which helps to regulate and assist the body’s natural processes.
Acupuncture started receiving acclaim in north America in 1971 when the news reporter, James Reston, had significant relief after an appendicitis surgery. This began a discussion in the west on the efficacy of acupuncture, and after just 30 years of observation the question has now become “how does acupuncture work”.

Motor point acupuncture:

Each muscle has one or more motor points; this is the place where the motor nerve enters the muscle and it is a unit where the muscle can be reset.  Needling the motor point activates the action potential and jump starts the muscle wherein the weak muscles are turned back on and the overly active muscles are relaxed. This facilitates muscle group balance and assists the central nervous system in maintaining healthy posture.


Chinese HerbsHerbs are natural medicines prescribed to restore balance according to your personalized Chinese medical diagnosis. Chinese herbs are most often used in combination as herbal formulas. When Chinese herbs come from plants, they contain the root, leaf, stem or fruit of the plant. The term, “herbs” may also include various minerals, shells, animals or insects. Consuming herbal teas are an effective way to re-balance and nourish the body. When used as directed under the supervision of a well-trained practitioner, herbs have a gentle result with no negative side effects. As Designed Wellness herbal prescriptions are from suppliers who follow “GMP”/ Good Manufacturing Practice and who ensure their products have been tested free of chemical, metal or other harmful contaminants. Furthermore, all formulas are given careful consideration regarding drug and/or supplement interaction. To reduce the remote chance of an interaction, patients are advised NOT to take herbs within two hours of any prescription medication.


acupuncture cupCupping is first documented in 300 AD in A Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies. Respiratory conditions are one of the most common maladies that cupping is used to relieve and it is used to clear congestion from a common cold or help control a person’s asthma.

Cupping is like a reverse massage; it uses gentle suction to pull upward. This loosens the tight glove of fascia/ connective tissue which surrounds muscles. With this action, It can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system.  Sedating the nervous system makes it an excellent treatment for high blood pressure.

Cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, and rheumatism. Toxins can be released, blockages can be cleared, and veins and arteries can be refreshed.

Gua Sha:

Similar to cupping this procedure flushes the tissue with circulation. A smooth edge is scraped along lubricated skin to flush unhealthy elements out of tight muscles and injured areas so they can be flushed out by the body’s circulation. It reduces inflammation and stimulates the body’s antioxidant enzymes to flood the area immediately and a few days after treatment.

Nourishing Cleanses:

Nutrition and Cleanses

Named a ‘nourishing cleanse’ because there are just a few major restrictions and you can eat as much as you want off the ‘yes’ list. This is quite different from the many cleanses out there which can take a lot of energy simply because you avoid most food or restrict intake to just liquids.


Main Goals of cleansing: reduce inflammation, heal the gut, eliminate stored toxins, help clear and balance hormones and regulate blood sugar.

There are many whole food supplements involved in this approach for the reason that we are completely supporting your body’s own detoxification system (liver, kidney and intestines) so that no junk gets stuck on its way. Toxins which are only half way eliminated cause a cascade of problems- more harm than good.

Yes, it is true that a lot of the restrictive /liquid/ juice cleanse diets make you feel fresh and start your body’s natural process; unfortunately, they usually don’t supply your body with all that it needs to finish the job.

Cancer prevention lifestyle coaching:  The cure to cancer is prevention! I would like to provide you with an easy, straightforward set of rules for what not to put in or on your body.

Daily, weekly or yearly detox make noticeable changes in your body.  Early detection is also available in this amazing age of genetic testing and knowledge.

Jin Shin Jyutsu:

“ Listen until you can see look until you can hear ” -Mary Burmeister

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a Japanese art of moving deep energy within the body. It involves simultaneous light touch upon two points in precise accordance relating to the particular pathway being treated. There are 52 SEL points in this system. It is a subtle, yet powerful way of unblocking and revitalizing major energy points and pathways. Jin Shin Jyutsu induces instant therapeutic relaxation and eases away chronic stagnation. It has been said to be a similar experience to cranial sacral therapy. Jin Shin Jyutsu is an art which connects us to our life force and is a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Craniosacral Therapy:

CranioSacral Therapy frees up the connective tissue surrounding your brain,  spinal cord and central nervous system.  This therapy was developed in 1975 by Dr. John Upledger, an osteopath and professor of biomechanics. It is a light touch that creates dramatic improvements in your life by way of moving the soft tissues and fluid that protect and nourish your brain and spinal cord.  Releasing connective tissue holding patterns allows the entire body to relax and self-correct.  Few body structures have more influence over your health and wellbeing than the central nervous system.


Facial Rejuvenation:

Craniosacral TherapyFacial acupuncture is a relaxing way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even the skin tone, reduce puffiness and tone the muscles of the neck and eye area. In facial acupuncture, the patient’s constitutional imbalances are addressed in order to achieve health and beauty from the inside and out.

It has been found to lighten moods, improve sleep, increase mental clarity and create a healthy glow. Extremely fine needles, gentle micro-current and facial massage are the main tools used for this treatment.

One area of the face is addressed per treatment; eyes and forehead, mouth and cheeks, or neck and chin. A thorough consultation is done to ensure that facial acupuncture will be effective and right for you.


Neuromuscular Therapy: NMT, also called trigger point therapy, addresses the lack of blood supply to soft tissues. This type of therapy eases highly irritated points in muscles which refer pain to other parts of the body, eliminates nerve compression by soft tissue and corrects postural imbalances. NMT is a mix of light and deep pressure techniques, combined with stretching, which together facilitate communication at the nerve-muscle junction. Home exercise and postural corrections are an important part of this therapy.


Chinese Medical Tui Na: Tui Na involves the application of deep massage focused along meridians and acupressure points. External herbal poultices and liniments are a common component of this system. In China, Tui Na is taught as a separate but equal form of traditional medicine and is used for physical therapy, scar tissue release, stress related digestive symptoms and respiratory complaints.


Lymphatic Drainage: The lymph system is responsible for immune response, cleansing and removal of wastes in the body. Lymphatic massage facilitates the effectiveness of the body’s lymphatic fluid by assisting this nearly passive system in circulation. Responses to lymphatic massage include decreased pain, decreased inflammation or chronic edema, a breakdown of scar tissue, and/or easement of fibromyalgia. Other ways to improve lymphatic circulation and function are as simple as walking, bouncing on a mini trampoline, dry brushing, drinking plenty of water and maintaining balanced electrolytes.


Ampuku Psoas Release ™: Ampuku means deep abdominal massage, yet this massage is done with almost no pressure. Gentle rolling and passive joint movement allows therapeutic hands to access the deepest abdominal muscle, the Illiopsoas. This muscle is at the center of movement and gravity, so results are rapid and lasting. The entire body is touched and, due to the passive joint movement, it is common for bones to realign on their own after the tissues have relaxed.


Oromyofunctional Therapy:


NADA- detoxification protocol for smoking cessation and drug rehabilitation therapy:

Chronic Fatigue, PTSD, DepressionOver 1,000 programs in the USA use this method for drug detoxification. In a typical session five needles are inserted into each ear and the patient sits quietly for 30 to 45 minutes. It is traditionally done in a group setting but this is not necessary for beneficial results. The number of treatments vary depending on the substance and associated factors.