Genetic nutrition is also named Nutrigenomics. It is the science of genetic testing and supplementation to optimize genetic shortfalls. Genetic focused nutrition is a growing field based on genetic variants and their impact on health.

A genetic variant is a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism- SNP (pronounced snip); which is a variation in one of the important proteins that make up a gene. SNIPS do not cause disease, rather they are subtle DNA sequence variations with potential to cause disease.

The Human Genome Project has estimated that humans have between 20,000-30,000 genes. The exome is 1% of our genome. Exomes assemble themselves into proteins via amino acids. Proteins make up our physical body. Some variants can be beneficial and add diversity to the population. Proteins are enzymes that accelerate chemical reactions.

Proteins also regulate the expression of other genes. Sometimes we have too little of an enzyme and that makes all the difference. Another SNP that limits health is a receptor site weakness which to support simply needs nutrients, or cofactors to make its limited ability stronger- the best example of this is vitamin D receptor site weakness (VDR).

Accessing this information is pretty simple. There is so much more information to get out of ’23 and me’ or ‘ancestry DNA’. Raw Data is on the back page of your profile and can be downloaded securely and uploaded by a health professional into secure HIPPA compliant software for interpretation and a look into your genetic variants. Raw Data provides completely different insight than just simply the heritage information originally intended.

If you have not done a DNA test already, or if you do not feel comfortable going with the big companies (which most likely sell genetic information), there is a private option available. My Happy Genes is the number one recommendation for this. Their mission is to utilize cutting edge genetic research to provide you the most comprehensive and effective way to optimize your health and keep your genetic information private.

Functional Health Evaluation is a one of several software programs where your raw data can be uploaded to produce a picture of genetic variants in your methylation pathway and their possible impact on health. Understanding this interpretation is layered in understanding the methylation pathway itself. Methylation is also important in detoxification, processes hormones, building neurotransmitters, building immune cells, repairing DNA. Methylation is involved in almost every bodily biochemical reaction, and occurs billions of times every second in our cells.

There is a common understanding that methylation only refers to methyl group pathways and of course the infamous MTHFR gene. This Epigenetic nutritional evaluation looks at the whole methylation pathway which is extensive and goes beyond methyl groups. Many cycles such as, krebs cycle, nitric oxide cycle, glutamine (GAD), hormone cycles, homocysteine cycle, vitamin D receptor sites, Transsulfuration Epigenetic Nutrition pathway/CBS, Liver Detox cycle, and histamine cycle are happening at the exact same time.

Epigenetics: DNA is not your destiny. Having a gene that leads to a disease doesn’t mean you are doomed to have that disease. Many factors around us can impact DNA expression. It can be negative such as environmental toxins, radiation, chemicals, certain medications, even emotional trauma. It can be positive such as balanced nutrition, the right enzymes and nutrients and, most recently proven, mediation.

Feeding your body nutritional supplements specific to your genes is essentially epigenetic nutrition. By identifying the SNIP we can compensate for and support weakened enzyme pathways and weakened receptors sites. The Human Genome Project opened up a world where we now have information on genetics that can change the way we live and age.

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