People are very keen to learn new terms except when it’s something related to medicine. Many of you may have heard fancy medical words without any clue about what they mean. One such phrase that a lot of people have trouble understanding is autoimmune disease.

Some of you may even have the disease yet not know about it. Here is everything that you should know regarding the term.

What Is Autoimmunity?

An autoimmune disease is a medical condition in which your immune system acts against you. You must be wondering how your body can attack you. Well, that is why it is referred to as autoimmunity.

Usually, the immune system is meant to protect you against foreign particles such as viruses and bacteria. So naturally, when such an invader enters your system, some of your cells detect the presence and attack those aliens. Thus, the body knows how to distinguish between your native cells and foreign molecules.

During an autoimmune disease, the ability to differentiate is affected. This is because the immune system wrongly identifies your own body part or cell as an invader. As a result, proteins called auto antibodies are released, which destroys your healthy cells.

Below are some common autoimmune diseases.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Lupus
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Type 1 Diabetes

Now that you know what autoimmunity is, let’s talk about doctors who can help you through the condition.

Looking For An Autoimmune Disease Doctor?

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Final Words

Those were all the details you needed to know about autoimmunity and a reliable doctor who can help you and will make living life with the disease more manageable.