Acupuncture can help with weight loss via regulating the stress response and promoting  healthy hormones. 

Weight loss is a multi disciplinary approach involving enough water, exercise, sleep and  proper nutrition. Acupuncture can kick start the process by supporting the function of the  liver and intestines as well as regulating important hormones involved in the many  aspects of acupuncture for weight loss. 

The liver and intestines detox the body and acupuncture can noticeably improve that  function through increasing the space and circulation between each spinal vertebra.  For a variety of reasons, the muscles around each vertebra get tight, and over time the  vertebra which are supposed to move independently of each other become fixed  segments. This leads to less circulation to vital organs. 

With just one acupuncture session focused on Hua Tuo Jia Ji points, the vertebra begin  to move freely. With this, the nerves that exit the spinal column have more space and  blood supply. Giving space to nerves breathes life to all the organs associated with  weight loss. Even better, this treatment uses the gentlest approach with the smallest  needles because the body responds better when you don’t know the needles are there. 

Although we cannot eliminate stress from life, we CAN invest in mediating the effects.  The physical effects of acupuncture, and touch, are profound and cumulative.  Immediate effects are the release of endorphins- natural pain killer hormones, the  relaxation of muscles and blood vessels, increased immune strength and blood flow as  well as increased effect of important brain chemicals such as serotonin.  

Acupuncture for weight loss by way of hormonal balance is painless and relaxing.  Hormones move slowly and addressing hormonal balance with acupuncture is not the  most drastic effect, but it IS a cascade effect which lasts for several days after  acupuncture. When the nervous system is balanced, the body will continue to regulate  hormones and the long term effects are healthy weight loss. 

Another aspect of acupuncture and Chinese medicine is nutrition. 

There are specific supplements for weight loss and a healthy detox which- with the right  plan- can gently reset hormones, reduce inflammation, heal the gut, eliminate stored  toxins, help clear and balance hormones as well as regulate blood sugar.  

A 10 day or 21 day nourishing cleanse where you can eat as much as you want off the  ‘yes list’ is a great way to reduce inflammation, heal the gut, eliminate stored toxins,  help clear and balance hormones and regulate blood sugar. This is to be combined with  the proper nutrients found in whole food supplements. It is important to choose whole  food, pure, not synthetic supplements. Liver and intestines need nutrients to do the work  so they don’t deplete themselves in the process of detox. The benefits of a cleanse are  usually more apparent after the cleanse is done. 

Information on a 10 day or 21 day nourishing cleanse where you can eat as much as  you want off the ‘yes list’ can be found in the blog titled: healthy easy nourishing detox.