Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is prolonged pain and inflammation that follows an injury and can even be away from the site of the actual injury. It feels like referred pain of an unknown origin and was formerly named reflex sympathetic dystrophy. The condition is caused by improper function of the peripheral C-fiber nerve fibers that carry pain messages to the brain. The nerves are confused and getting the wrong message again and again. Stimulation of even the slightest trigger like wind or a slight brush the skin can cause showing pain. When nerves get injured what they need  is thorough treatment not spot treatment. 

Often, the attention and treatment given is focused one area and not the systems surrounding the nervous system which have impact  on nerves as well, such as muscular or connective tissue or lymphatic. This is where holistic care is most effective.  With acupuncture and gentle fascia massage techniques, the whole nerve complex and all tissues surrounding the nerve get the tender loving care they crave to soften and heal.

Poor circulation can impede nerve and tissue healing. Our Immune system involved in healing as well. The C-fiber nerve cells also communicate with immune cells to help us heal from injury. Acupuncture works by supporting and moving the blood and immune system and clearing the nerve signals so the correct messages can be sent. Gentle massage and fascia release makes the acupuncture integrate seamlessly so the nervous system can gain strength and comfort right away.