Is your lotion or shower product making you fat or confusing your hormones?  The ingredients in most beauty products aren’t that pretty.

What are you putting on your skin?  The average American uses approximately 10-15 personal care products with a total of 126 different ingredients daily.  I’m sure it’s no surprise, but I must say: YOUR SKIN ABSORBS ALL OF IT.  What you put on your body, you put in your body. The chemicals found in most body product contain chemicals which disrupt hormone balance and liver metabolism, resulting in weight gain, and poor circulation. For best detoxing results, do not use body products unless they are all natural. Deodorant is the one exception. See ‘body product’ list for details.

Exchange some household items with chemicals for natural alternatives; this includes, detergents, fabric softener, perfumes, shampoo, shaving cream, body lotion, certain lipsticks.

There are many more daily environmental toxins that need to be addressed, but start with these big ones.

I have one example to get you started: parabens. An ingredient in hair care products, lotions, and other skincare items which are known estrogen mimickers. This means once applied to the skin they travel through the bloodstream appearing to the body to be estrogen. This incognito approach causes the body to react as if true estrogen is present in excess. Too much estrogen can cause a decrease in muscle mass, an increase in fat deposits throughout the body.  While estrogen is an important hormone that regulates many functions in the body, too much of it can be harmful and cause adverse effects.

Details, details, details….don’t worry, there is an app for this.

Apps: Think Dirty, EWG’s Healthy Living

Here is a list of websites and apps for assistance when shopping for body products: