I’m writing this blog because I find it fascinating how may people have bad breath and have no idea how it happened. I ran into an acquaintance for a holiday party one year and met her partner who had the worst breath I’ve ever smelled. The very next year I saw them both again at the same party and- I kid you not- her breath had the same exact tinge of smell.

The most obvious cause of halitosis is bad oral hygiene. If particles of food are left in the mouth, their breakdown by bacteria produces sulfur compounds. This should be a quick fix- but it’s not.  Healthy people can get bad breath. Many people who have bad breath have great oral hygiene. Then what’s the problem? Anywhere along the digestive tract can harbor bacteria which causes a smell. The throat and the stomach and even intestines have many paces for bacteria to hide.  It is common to have a gut bacteria imbalance. Eating out a lot and having alcohol with food can lower hydrochloric acid HCL which should adjust the bacteria to a healthy level. Intense stress can also lower HCL. After a long time, you can ‘catch’ bad breath from a partner as well because the bacteria is there and after a while takes up residence in your digestive tract through multiple exposure. 

Just like humans, gut health comes in many sizes. You can have zero concerns going to the bathroom and still benefit from blaming gut bacteria. There can be many causes of bad breath and luckily most are simple and easy to treat. Another cause of bacteria imbalance in the gut is snoring or mouth breathing.

Tips for balanced gut bacteria: digestive enzymes, chlorophyl, fermented food like kimchi to acidify the large intestine and feed good bacteria. After the gut is adjusted keeping a balanced diet low in processed carbs and alcohol will maintain your new healthy normal.

Standard process nutritional supplements specialize in gut health with whole food products- all organic farm to tablet. Just like the Jetsons and their food based nutrition. Standard process is ‘old school’ nutrition backed by science. Whole food nutrition Is a different school of thought than synthetic supplements which select vitamins and minerals and use a lab to take them away from their complete food matrix. Each have their place.