What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the most popular treatments in the market now. It has gained massive popularity and is widely being used to treat and relieve different types of pains in the body such as neck pain, back pain, and disc bulge, etc. What is Acupuncture? It is a technique used to relieve pain in the body and it is done by inserting needles through a person’s skin at some particular points and in different depths.

In 2003 the world health organization produced a list of diseases for which acupuncture is known to be the best cure. These diseases include nausea, gastric problems, dysentery, period pains, back pains, neck pains, migraine, and disc bulge. Acupuncture is also known to cure mental illnesses such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Why Hiring A Professional Is Necessary?

Since acupuncture deals with inserting the needles in the skin on some specific points it is very important to get it done through a professional because the job requires skills, precision, accuracy, attention to detail, and experience. You cannot risk it because the needles are going in your skin and if it is not done properly it can cause harm and may even have side effects. A professional would know these pressure points very well and the chances of things going on would significantly reduce. Therefore, it is safer to go for a professional acupuncturist to get your job done.

A professional will examine the person and analyze it thoroughly before inserting needles in the skin. He would even use needles that are sterile and then disposed of immediately after use. Moreover, since a professional has experience in acupuncture it is less likely to cause you a lot of pain. People who get the acupuncture done by professionals often say that they do not feel so much pain as it is done very carefully and precisely. They just have a mild stinging sensation which is quite bearable.

Possible Risks

Although acupuncture is an amazing therapy it still has some risks associated with it that must be kept in mind while making a decision about whether or not one should go for this therapy. Following are the possible side effects and risks of acupuncture:

  • The areas where the needles are inserted can get sore, bruised and may even bleed.
  • If needles are unsterilized it can get you infected very easily.
  • Although very rarely the needle can break inside the skin and damage the organs.
  • If a person has bleeding disorders or consumes medicines that thin his blood then acupuncture can be very harmful and dangerous for the body.


If you have been going to your doctor for a while and the medicines that have been given have failed to cure you, then you must try acupuncture by a professional.

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Think of it, are you tired of your current medication and have failed to see an effect? Then hiring an acupuncturist would work best for you.