Menstrual pain management can be complex; however, a few simple steps can  get the ball rolling in the right direction.


Limit or avoid environmental toxins such as chemicals often found in  body products and processed foods as well as perfumes. Lower inflammation.  Exercise to smooth and increase circulation. Acupuncture is an easy passive way  to address the circulation aspect. Nourishing cleanses are a simple way to  speed up toxin removal once daily products have been adjusted.


There are several safe herbal formulas for smooth muscle spasm  including uterus and ranging from kidney stone pain to migraine headaches  associated with hormones.

Nutritional Nourishing Cleanses

A 10 day or 21 day nourishing cleanses where  you can eat as much as you want off the ‘yes list’ is a great way to reduce  inflammation, heal the gut, eliminate stored toxins, help clear and balance  hormones and regulate blood sugar. This is to be combined with the proper  nutrient found in whole food supplements. It is important to choose whole food,  pure, not synthetic supplements.

Home Care

castor oil packs on the lower abdomen. Instructions and indications  below. 

Castor Oil Pack on Uterus


MUST be done on clean skin with zero chemicals from perfume or smelly lotions.  Castor oil penetrates and moves everything. Circulation is the main objective; however,  chemicals can be pushed in the body as a result of this powerful medicinal oil. Do not take  internally  


  • Castor oil – must be cold pressed or expeller-pressed (most health food stores have it , farm  to market has it) 
  • a clean rag (*oil stains fabric.) 
  • A second towel ( to protect skin from heat pack and clothes/ linens from oil) Heat pack (can be a hot water bottle or heating pad) 


30-50 minutes laying down 


  • Liver is located under right ribs bottom region (you may place it all over entire belly for  bowel detoxification) 
  • Drizzle Castor oil in a rag until it covers the size you need for the body part. 
  • Place it ‘oil down’ on top of liver place second towel over that place heating device over towel    
  • Relax for 30-50 minutes